Ann Arvia

Actress, Voice Teacher

"I've studied with Ann since 1999. Ann speaks in a vocabulary that pinpoints exactly what I, as a singer, need to hear in order to get the desired results.  When singing with her, I know I will get useful feedback that I can directly apply to audition situations.  I trust not only her flawless technique, but her impeccable taste as well."

Kate Baldwin


"Ann Arvia is a fantastic voice teacher, who imparts a healthy, common sense technique.  She has a great ear and eye for trouble shooting, an experienced professional's knowledge of the material and it's performance and is both demanding and extremely patient.  I found her incredibly helpful and a pleasure to work with.  I heartily recommend her."

Boyd Gaines


“Whenever I’ve recommended that an actor study with Ann Arvia, the results have been excellent.  They come away with a knowledge of their instrument, an understanding of particular elements of their technique that require their attention, and a confidence in their singing that sets them up for success.  I’ve seen it over and over.”

David Loud, (Broadway Music Director)


"Ann's teaching expertise goes far beyond the 'usual voice coach.'  She helps you find and develop your true voice and sound with technique, integrity and joy.  I've never truly enjoyed exploring my voice until working with Ann.  Whether you're a Broadway pro or just beginning to hone your craft, Ann is THE teacher to see.  Her mentorship and support is unmatched in the NYC area."

Pam Bradley


Ann Arvia is a dear friend that I’ve worked with on stage and off for years. A true professional who knows the biz and has the knowledge and know how to get you where you need to be. She’s helped me reach notes I never I knew I could hit. And Ann knows how to take a song everyone has heard and make it your own. As Actors we all have our demons or limits. Ann is fantastic at getting you out of your way and exploring that new ground you’ve discovered.

Christopher De Angelis


"Where to begin?! Working with this wonderful woman has directed my voice in a way that has changed my career. She built on the foundation that I already had and could sense the way I would grow best based on the knowledge I was coming from. Working with Ann, you get the following: incredible vocal technique training, musicality training (tuning the ear, music theory, feeling the music), in-depth acting direction and coaching, and legitimate advice on the business. With true class, a hysterical sense of humor, and kindness this woman passes along her real life experience of working on Broadway, national tours, in regional theatres, TV, and all the in betweens. She gets what you are going through, because she has and is doing it. Her support will make you want to try harder, her nurturing will help you feel confident, and her lessons will make you prepared. SHE IS MAGIC!"

Mary Joanna Grisso

"Ann is a one stop shop.  Not only do you get superb technical vocal training, you get it from an acting perspective from an actress at the top of her game that is currently in the biz.  She’s smart, sassy, honest and encouraging.  I love her and she’s been my mentor/coach/shrink/friend for the last ten years." 

Jennifer Lorae